6... SIX... that is how many years I have with this man child in my house before he goes and does his own things. If I'm honest with myself, probably less. I'm not sure how to be a part of his world and remember every single moment. He is so independent, always helping others and out doing things.

Since this first baby of mine was born, I have been praying for a village to help raise him. I've known he was going to be an independent human for a very long time. The job of this village is to keep an eye on him, update me on his comings and goings, and show him how to work hard and respect others. So far, he believes I know everyone and they are all updating me on where he is and what he is doing, so it's working out well.

Note to my mamas of littles:

I'm not going to tell you to “enjoy the stage you are in because it goes fast” – that's hard to hear or even fathom when you have puke in your hair, your touch meter is maxed out, and you haven't slept a full night in who knows how long – but I will encourage you to pray for your village, for you and your babies. You need that village just as much as your kids will need them as they go out into this wild world. Hang in there, it is a small leap from little boots to big cowboy.

🖤 Amy