"Amy Jo" to my grandpa, "Famous Amos" to my big sister, "mommy" to my three children, and "dear" to my wonderful husband. I'm what you call a bit of a photography enthusiast. At six weeks old, I lost my father in a farming accident. When I was fourteen, my face was reconstructed after getting kicked by a horse. In 2019, a car crash made my whole world (but mostly my head) spin. Photography has been the constant through every precious moment, every life change, and every hardship – a single image of my dad holding me, a picture to remind me the beauty I had (and would have again), an art to ground me when my thoughts escaped me. That is why I do what I do. My deepest desire is for each person I meet to feel seen and known, so I can't wait to meet you.

Life can change in A Moment. Let's capture those memories while we can ❤

My Team



Alecia joined the A Moment team in March of 2019. If you've been a client since then, chances are you've chatted with her at some point! She is Amy's right-hand wingwoman (sometimes left too), and is everything type A to Amy's type B. Fun fact: Alecia has just as many photos of Zoeyy (dog) as Sawyer (husband), if not more.



Obsessed with consistency and visual storytelling (marketer). Human troubleshooter for all things computer related (tech support). Will yell at Amy for using the wrong colors and has strongly considered deleting all fonts off her computer except the five she's allowed to use (graphic designer).

Only slightly extra.


OLd Mac-hannah had a farm

The wonder woman does it all – not only is she mom and wife to an adorable family, she is a master juggler of the circus that is sometimes our studio. Nine times out of ten she's the one on the other end of the line when you call or text us, and ten times out of ten she will tell you about all her amazing animals if you ask.